On the Rocks…

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You know you’ve had a good day of climbing when your iPhone can’t recognize your fingerprint; you have managed to mangle your digits beyond readability.

Or maybe that happens to me because I am not climbing often enough

When you have so many options available as outlets for your various interests, it’s hard to implement consistent attention to JUST ONE. Fortunately I have a growing number of friends who want to join me in rock climbing, so we’ve been able to get out on the rocks three times in the past five weeks… Which means my fingers were just fine at the end of the day on our last outing. Woop woop! Callouses!

Climbing is incredible. Unlike my gym sports, the adrenaline reward for pushing your limits is off. the. charts.

It also satisfies the fitness nerd in me. Climbing requires a lot from you physically: strength, endurance, flexibility… And now that I have more buds clamoring to join my climbing days, that means being able to learn the routes better and start doing some speed climbing. Maybe not Dan Osman speed climbing, but enough to burn 500-900 calories an hour and leave me utterly exhausted by the end of the day, because exerting myself to physical exhaustion is what I lurve best.

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