Our Approach

The Wonder That is Me...


There. That pretty much sums it up.

Jack of all trades, not the least bit concerned in mastering any of them. Attention span of a fruit fly, energy level of an atomic reactor (excepting 5 hours a night of sleeping more soundly than the dead).

Life is short, and filled with infinite variety. I want to try everything that catches my fancy.

Some of my passions are life long. Others are more like a heat rash that demand utter and immediate attention until they pass.

My past and current passions are here (below).

I don’t tend to hold on to past achievements.

“Success isn’t owned, it’s leased. And rent is due everyday.” JJ Watt

So what I did yesterday doesn’t count as much as what I am doing right now. If you Google me, you’ll see I co-created a best selling book, won some awards, did some good deeds.


I am more excited by what I’m doing now to explore and push my capacity. To evolve.

So, yeah. That’s the current “me”.

Our Story

My Myriad Interests

-Yacht racing
-Bungee Jumping
-Salsa Rueda

-Mixed Martial Arts (judo, boxing, kick boxing, jiu jitsu)
-Learning guitar
-Costume design
-Sliceform paper models

-Sketch Notes
-Snake Charming

-Social Outreach
-Rock Climbing
-Quantum Physics & how it connects to Divine Order

-Ballroom Dancing

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