This blog is not for you.

And despite the name, it’s not a club, either.

I know that may be hard to hear. I know you saw the name and the cool photos, maybe glanced at the categories and thought, “Yep. This is for me.”

Well, yes and no.

If you love extreme sports, motorcycles & dirt bikes, outdoor adventure, and doing all those things while consciously evolving, then sure. Let’s hang out for a while. Be part of my adventures, vicariously.

…Just so we’re clear, though, that I’m only writing this blog for ME. I’m actively putting my personal journal out in a public place for anyone to see because apparently that’s the most effective way to keep me writing. The mere thought of a potential audience spurs me to scribble down my thoughts far more often than if I am just journaling for myself.

I am using you.

Unabashedly using you.

Sorry about that.

This full throttle life, full as it is with joy and adventure, needs to be recorded-- as it happens, and as visceral and unedited as I am brave enough to make it.

Enjoy the ride.

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