A Life on 2 Wheels

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The day I have to give up motorcycles is the day I will have to move away from Istanbul.

But until that day comes, bike life makes my every day special. They say, “four wheels move the body, but two wheels move the soul.” True words. My bike is my therapist. My commute to and from work is easily the best part of my day. It doesn’t matter how bad the traffic is, I can slalom right by (ANOTHER great feature to the ride home).

Riding every day means you get to experience the wind, the sun, the elements, nature… and simply BE AWARE. Every car driver on the road seems glued to their phone screen instead of the road. A bike gives you the gift of immediacy. It’s a kind of active meditation that holds you in the present moment.

The physiological reason for this (or ONE of the reasons) is because unlike driving a car, riding a motorcycle requires far more rapid eye movement constantly. This need for constant visual input keeps the amygdala busy. The amygdala’s main function is involved with stress reaction. If it is busy with the relatively mundane task of tracking objects through our vision, it cannot find free time to conjure anxiety and fear for us. This is why riding a motorcycle helps you clear your mind. It busies your brain with other tasks.

An open road and two wheels is as good as a shrink’s couch…

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