No Rain, No Flowers

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What if your ultimate role in someone’s life is to bring them pain?

Even if that’s not our intention, what if it is somehow necessary in the larger scheme of things? No one WANTS to inflict pain on another person (usually), but is it really unavoidable? Is it worse to avoid it than face it? 

Pain is a catalyst for change.

Pain is what forces deep reflection, path changes, and eventually forward growth.

Ego resists allowing us to accept that the events and people that test us most end up being our greatest teachers. 

Whose great teacher were you? Through your action, inaction, or just through your being, were you the catalyst that egregiously catapulted someone out of their comfort zone? 

I can recognize and reconcile the need for those whose role it was in my life to wound me deeply. Hindsight clearly reveals the reason and the result–what I learned and how I grew.

I wonder if it was as easy for those whose wound was me.

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