Exposing My Extremeties…

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So, I have been engaging in a lot of extreme activities over the past year. Not really any more extreme than my usual pursuits (rock climbing, canyoning) or previous pursuits (yacht racing), but maybe more variety and more intense daily routine than usual.

Maybe that’s why a few people have asked me, “Have you considered WHY you are doing these things? Is there any reason?” Of course. And pretty significant reasons. So I want to share:

1- THIS LIFE IS AMAZING. The sheer diversity of interesting things to do boggles the mind. I’m not concerned with mastering any of the things I try. Why spend 10 years learning one thing at the expense of 150 exhilarating things I could engage in? I am perfectly happy being an enthusiastic dilettante. Why limit myself? The things I LOVE, I do more of and get better at. Simple.

2- LEARNING THE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE. Hubby and I (and our dear friends) spend A LOT of time and energy delving into the nature of the laws governing the physical universe and how it intersects with the non-physical universe/consciousness/etc. As much time as I spend on that, I spend at least as much time revelling in the physics of this world. How we move. What this amazing machine of ours (body) can do. How we can make the body do more. How our connection to/understanding of other machines (like motorcycles!) impact the nature/excitement of how we move. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if my forays get even more unusual and extreme in the exploration of this.

3- YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY. What you focus on expands. In the quantum potentiality of this plane, you can manifest what you want. It only relies on how well you focus. So, how much of what you manifest is dictated by routine, society, public opinion, or other auto-pilot ruts? I refuse to be defined by my age, race, social position, gender, culture… I don’t even want my OWN definition of myself to remain static. Why should it? I want GROWTH, not STASIS. Why SHOULDN’T a middle-aged woman learn how to do backflips? Is that undignified? Silly? Useless? Or is it a celebration of appreciating momentum/physics/form? I refuse to commit to the usual. I will emphatically defend and develop my ability to alter my world at will. AT WILL. No auto-pilot.

I am not saying it is easy. The level of effort I am putting into all this is SIGNIFICANT. But I have chosen things I love– or found ways to love what things were necessary but very hard to begin.

And every expense of effort reaps incredible returns on my investment.

So, in light of these reasons, I put it back to you:
-Have YOU considered why YOUR life is like it is?
-Would you want anything different?
-What’s stopping you from manifesting that?

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