Between Spirit & Matter

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All instruction is but a finger pointing to the moon; and those whose gaze is fixed upon the pointer will never see beyond. Even let him catch sight of the moon, and still he cannot see its beauty.

This is how I feel about the relationship people usually have with religion.

I like to look at spirituality from the context of science. I have always preferred that, even though I am deeply spiritual. Though science struggles with its own brand of arrogance and dogma, it doesn’t rely on ambiguous allegory or (now largely outdated) cultural mores of the times. And over the past three decades, incredible advances have been made to reveal the underlying connection between spirit and matter.

While I continue to read and often agree with a number of modern spiritual thought leaders (particularly Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle), it is the scientists—especially physicists– whose findings make me most excited and hopeful for the collective evolution of society.

Admittedly, when I first started down this road when I was in university in the early 90s, I jumped in too deep at the start, trying to trudge my way through the dialogues of quantum physicist David Bohm and mystic J. Krishnamurti. While trying to unravel their deep ideas and convoluted language, I found easier to access ideas and authors.

For example, some of the findings in applied kinesiology seemed to reinforce spiritual concepts, like Dr. David Hawkins documenting in Power vs. Force that positive emotions cycle at higher vibrational rates, which seem to specifically correspond to a certain scale of consciousness. After reading findings like Dr. Masaru Emoto’s documentation of the effect of positive and negative emotions on the formation of ice crystals, I started to get a glimpse of how the physical world reflected emotional (potentially spiritual) states. The intangible dance between spirit and matter started to become more tangible to me. These were qualifiable, quantifiable results that resonated with what I already intuitively felt to be true.

These sort of connections between consciousness and science started me on a path to explore what a universal moral imperative might be, as evidenced by science.

Things got more interesting when I got my hands on books like Mysticism and the New Physics and The Holographic Universe (both by Michael Talbot), The Self-Aware Universe (Amit Goswami)…books which started to hint (in digestable layman’s language) at how quantum physics actually dovetails beautifully with mysticism. Books like these, through scientific research, began to validate and recontextualize the consciousness knowledge found in different ancient traditions.

Fast forward to today. Oh, soooo much more on the path to collective evolution with scientists as our guides. Mark my words, I’m calling it now: all of this puzzle of human consciousness is going to finally (and quite unexpectedly) be cracked wide open by discoveries in quantum biology by scientists like Johnjoe McFadden while the rift between not just science and spiritualism but also astrophysics and particle physics (!!!) is going to be healed by the incredible Nassim Haramein, whose physics research suggests the most elegant, exciting, and fundamentally scalable explanation of the structure of the physical universe that we have ever heard. I will be writing extensively about Haramein in future posts.

In fact, I am so enamored of him and his research that am hoping to get him to Turkey to speak. And the universe usually conspires to support my plans ☺ so… watch this space for your invitation to the event!

Puzzle pieces of just how spirit and matter relate to each other are falling, with exponentially quickening pace, perfectly into position like one big, cosmic game of Tetris. I, for one, am very curious to witness what transformations will occur when we finish this current board and level up…

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